IRAS Publishes Research Paper on Iranian-Russian Partnership

Date of publication : December 13, 2016 21:41 pm
IRAS Publishes Research Paper on Iranian-Russian Partnership

The Institute for Iran-Eurasia Studies (IRAS) is pleased to announce that its joint project with Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) published today. This research paper dubbed "Russia-Iran Partnership: an Overview and Prospects for the Future" was written in three languages (English, Farsi and Russian).

The goal of the publication is to present the views of Russian and Iranian experts on the main areas of Russia-Iran cooperation, to reveal the commonality and differences in their approaches to common threats and challenges. The Research Paper discusses Russian and Iranian vision of global governance and role of great powers, cooperation in the Middle East region, Central Asia and Afghanistan, trade and economic relations, common transport projects and interaction in international organizations such as SCO, EAEU, SREB initiative etc.

In the following, you can see the table of contents of the research paper.

Foreword by I. Ivanov, RIAC President, RAS Corresponding Member
Foreword by H.E. M. Sanaei, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Islamic Republic of Iran in the Russian Federation
Section I. Development of Iran-Russia Strategic Partnership
Topic 1. Iran-Russia Strategic Partnership at the New Stage: What Could We Propose to Each Other? (Vladimir Sazhin / Jahangir Karami)
Topic 2. Iranian and Russian Perspectives on the Global System (Pyotr Topychkanov / Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour)
Topic 3. Iran, Russia and the West (Andrey Kortunov / Zhand Shakibi)
Section II. Security Threats and Possibilities for Cooperation
Topic 4. Iranian and Russian Views on the Situation in the Middle East: How Do We See the Future of the Region? (Nikolay Kozhanov / Davood Kiani)
Topic 5. Common Security Challenges and Prospects for Cooperation (Vladimir Evseev / Mahmoud Shoori)
Topic 6. Cooperation between Iran and Russia in Struggling Terrorism and Religious Extremism (Sergey Demidenko / Rasoul Mousavi)
Section III. Russia-Iran Cooperation on Afghanistan and Central Asia
Topic 7. Cooperation between Iran and Russia in Afghanistan: Possibilities and Constraints (Grigoriy Lukyanov / Mandana Tishehyar)
Topic 8. Cooperation between Iran and Russia in Central Asia: Possibilities and Constraints (Alexander Knyazev / Hamidreza Azizi)
Section IV. Possibilities and Prospects for Economic Cooperation
Topic 9. Development of Regional and Trans-Regional Transportation Routes: Perspectives for Partnership (Pavel Zyuzin / Bahram Amirahmadian)
Topic 10. Trade and Economic Relations between Iran and Russia: Potential and Achievements (Nina Mamedova / Farhad Parand)
Topic 11. Prospects for Cooperation of Iran and Russia with Third Partners and International Organizations (China, SCO, EAEU, Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt) (Elena Dunayeva / Mohsen Shariatinia)

To download the Research Paper (English version), click here.

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